It makes no sense for the bank to "hold" my money for several days after the check has cleared and then return an item as NSF, with MY money sitting right there!


I just had a similar experience. I had a bill I had paid with a credit card already still come out of my checking account. I had paid said bill with said credit card this go-around to ensure enough funds to cover my rent payment; money has been tight here right around the corner from Christmas so I have been shuffling what little funds we have available to us. As soon as I discovered the automatic payment had still occurred and I no longer had enough to cover my rent, I made a deposit to cover the difference to make sure when my rent check went through it would not be returned. Since I'd already been assured by the company I was paying that the regular auto draft I normally use as my method of payment would not occur after paying with my credit card, there was no way I could have had any further foresight. I called USAA immediately after making sure my account had sufficient funds to cover what I had schedule to come out to make sure the rent check had not yet registered with the bank resulting in an NSF fee and a late rent payment. I was assured the bank had not yet seen a pull for the funds. Yet, somehow, this morning I woke up to find an NSF fee and my rent check returned! I was either lied to or the lady I spoke with was ill informed. I honestly don't know which is worse.


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