I was prompted by the email as well. The instructions do not seem to be accurate.



Are you referring to the Vantage score?

You should see the score after logging in and navigating to your credit card account page. Below is a screen shot where the credit card holding members should see it:


 Please let me know if there is still an issue.

First, let me say thank you (USAA) for taking a step to helping members see their credit scores. However, I have noticed something that doesn't make sence.


On the explanation of what is affecting my scores, on the "What's Helping" tab there is the following:


     Balances on bankcard or revolving accounts not too high compared to limits.


However when I look at the "What's Hurting" tab:


     Total of all balances on bankcard or revolving accounts is too high.


So which is it? It seems like conflicting information. I know the scores area is new, so maybe the website just needs a little tweaking?

As several have stated VantageScore is not available on my account. This is ridiculous, as I received the e-mail on March 2 and my credit score is not posted to my account. I spent 20 minutes at least, looking at different options - laptop and mobile devices to no avail. This is a bust!

It seems to me that it only works if you have a Credit Report Monitoring package active on your account. As soon as I dropped USAA's and stay with myfico, the number stopped updating.

Problem remains. No score displayed anywhere. Tried Chrome and Firefox. Seems to have disappeared after I subscribed to USAA Credit Monitoring?

Dear CPT Curious,

I have asked for additional guidance on this matter, as some are not experiencing issues. I will update you when i receive a response. In the meantime I recommend you contact website customer support, who may be able to walk you through why the vantage score is not displaying. Thank you for commenting!


Wensite Technical Support:

Phone Number: 1-877-632-3002 Phone Menu Tips  for Technical Issues(Opens Pop-up Layer)
Hours of Operation: 6 a.m. to midnight CT, 7 days a week

Got a timely email response from USAA customer service.


The rep said "VantageScore is not currently available to members enrolled in CreditCheck Monitoring... We are hoping to make VantageScore available to members with CreditCheck Monitoring later this year. Unfortunately, I do not have a date for the rollout of VantageScore to members with CreditCheck Monitoring. This is a phased rollout with various target dates for our membership."


So, even though the VantageScore was displayed before I signed up for credit monitoring, I don't get to see it now because I'm paying Experian through USAA for credit monitoring.

Thank you USAA, I can now see my VantageScore. Nice work.