Hi USAA and members,

        It concerns me to see so many upset USAA members.  There seems to be a lot of BS involving USAAs system.

The most recent and upsetting problem I'm having is, I keep having to reset my automatic payment method every few months.


The problem that this creates is I'm occasionally threatened to have my insurance canceled every time I miss a month due to being unaware that my automatic payments have been canceled.  Then I am charged late fees and forced to pay extra money or have my insurance canceled.    


This seems almost deliberate in a way to fish for extra cash. There is nothing convenient about automatic payments if I have to constantly re-apply for them every few months. Being charged extra in one big lump sum due to having to re-apply for automatic payments does not make me a happy member. It motivates me to find a different bank and advise others to stay away from USAA! 


Hello Member, I'm sorry to hear how let down you feel and I'm engaging a specialist to review your concerns. -Paula 

I have experienced that issue for over 3 years now. I might have actually seen it work twice.

If it can not be made to work properly and reliably.......PLEASE remove the feature altogether instead of continuously misleading members to think their payments are made timely.

This is extremely frustrating.

@Abeja, I appreciate you taking the time to share your frustrations with us, I have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area for further review.