USAA is becoming, rephrase that has become, a pain to deal with. I had an occasion to attempt calling in for a transaction and discover an automated bureaucracy that refuses to function. After going through the drill of logging in and navigating the various options I was finally told I would be transferred to a humanoid, after much beeping and burping I was connected to an automated survey with a request to tell USAA how great it was doing. After arguing with the automated survey that I really did have a negative view of my satisfaction with my response from USAA, I attempted another call. Again the finger drill of numbers, with frustration rising it required a third call with another drill before reaching a human. The human requested all the same numbers and personal information before we discovered it was the wrong human (my fault) and transferred to the correct department where I had to go through the same identity interrogation. As a 57 year member I'm a little slow but I discovered the USAA systems are even slower. With the vast amount of money being extorted from members it would seem that USAA should be able to afford a more responsive computer system. Finally I was able to address my issue and it was obvious that the person had to fill in a standard form and provide a number of automated standard general responses. I failed to keep track of the time but it was significant but both agents were very nice to an increasingly crotchety old guy. Gen. McDermott is no doubt spinning in his grave as the organization he build spins down the drain.

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I viscerally hate having to phone into USAA, just because of that infuriating automatic phone bot. In my experience, if a person is at the point of having to resort to an actual phone call for customer service, their issue is not going to be resolved by one of the usual canned responses about simple transactions or queries. Having to try and "convince" that stupid bot that I really do need to talk to a human is a needless waste of my time and sanity. I should have the immediate choice to connect to a customer service rep, followed by perhaps a secondary "Please select a department."


I hope USAA will consider modifying the above process, which detracts from the otherwise good service we get from USAA. Thanks! (No call to my home is required.)

In my opinion, it has become extremely difficult to get even simple questions answered.   I had some Chase accounts linked to USAA so I can look at all my accounts in one location, then one day they simply would not update anymore.  I cannot find any explanation.  I went so far as to remove then add again as non-USAA accounts without success.


I attempted to contact USAA many times, most recently today.  There is a still a link for "Secure Member Messaging" but almost all of the options transfer you the dreaded "chat bot" which seems more and more to be the norm for companies.  Once I finally navigated through the various questions, i was placed in the que.  After 15 minutes, I gave up and will try again later.


Why can't the secure member messaging allow users to send questions which are not time sensitive?  The entire customer service experience has changed for the worse.  I will say that the customer service representatives (chat and call) remain courteous and professional, and unfortunately likely bear the brunt of member frustrations.  I have much of my financial life tied to USAA (checking, credit cards, insurance (home, rental, auto, umbrella) and at one time investments before the mutual funds and brokerage were sold off).  I have always considered myself a USAA member for life and will likely remain so at least in name only.  But I will consider unwinding myself from USAA and review anew other options for many of my accounts.  And for the 1st time, sadly, I can no longer recommend USAA as the first choice for any of their services.


Final observation - USAA advertises aggressively now, especially during sporting events.  Aggressive advertising is not intended to retain or better service existing customers.  It is intended to reach and add new customers, to drive growth. Automation in customer service is a means to reducing the cost of servicing existing customers to help fund the growth of new ones.   I don't realistically expect any real improvements in our experiences, just platitudes.



I agree with your comment about aggressive advertising; if the qualified potential member hasn't heard of USAA thru word of mouth from current members or gets negative feedback from poor service, all the advertising in the world won't help.  Not sure, but less advertising might mean bigger discounts for members by reducing expenses.


@Ryan8407, Sorry to read of this disappointment, we know this is not the experience you have had in the past and this is not something that should ever happen. I am forwarding your concerns to be reviewed. And with your Chase account, if you haven't found that answer yet, there is a temporary loss of access while some enhancements are underway. Once completed, you will see an on-screen notification. Thank you for reaching out today. ~Tom


I couldn't agree more.  If it's not on the website, it's probably not routine and will need a customer service rep to fix. Your phone tree idea is excellent also.

I'm a 51-year member and agree that USAA customer service has become very poor over the last 5 years.  By farming out services like mortgage loans, boat insurance and other products USAA has lost control over the quality of the product. 

Unfortunately, the quality of the USAA customer service reps (when you finally get connected) has deteriorated also, they seem to be ready to pass you on to someone else rather than investigate your issue. 

Finally, a very minor item, but it is bugging me.  I got a little sticker celebrating 25 and 40 years of membership, the fact that nothing showed up for 50 years galls me.  Again, this is extremely minor but illustrates the changes at USAA in valuing customers.  Maybe I'm just old and grouchy, but I'm begging for the old USAA to return.

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Thank you for your 51 plus year membership with USAA @TG767 (Big G).  We certainly get your concerns and know this isn't the experience we want our members to have.  Your feedback is truly appreciated as I am forwarding it to the appropriate teams for further review, your experiences help us better USAA's future products and services.   ~Marco

Hi Frank. Reading your experience with us is tough. We are sorry to hear of the trouble experienced when trying to resolve a concern.  I will certainly escalate this to be reviewed by the appropriate area.  Thank you for posting. ~JD

The old windbreaker ---" I feel your pain" .

@pinetree, we'd like to review your concerns. Is there anything specific we can address? ~DC

Yes. Treat customers with respect. Fix the worthless webpage. Customers have been pleading for this for months. When will the webpage ever be returned to at least minimum value? Get employees back in the office and working. TY.

Thank you for sharing these concerns with us today @pinetree, I will ensure they are shared with the appropriate area. We appreciate your time. -Emily 

Webpage---what is the status of fixes? On-going for months. ?

How long before USAA fixes the webpage? This has been reported as a problem for MONTHS. All we get is--the ole windbreaker reply. Just don't answer if you have nothing to say. TY.

Just fix the webpage--No telling how many "members" have already reported webpage frustrations. It's obvious no one at USAA gives a care. 

TY--USAA---for nothing !

The USAA "SLAPS" just keep coming. The "members" are always LAST !