first - automated system is beyond poor, second - customer hold times are atrocious

I just want to vent a bit. A couple of weeks ago, I contacted USAA regarding an international wire transfer, and these can only be done via phone call. Anyway, I called USAA to make this wire transfer and the hold time was going to be an hour and a half (1:30). Ok, it was during that freeze, so I gave the benefit of the doubt and decided to wait until yesterday to call back and submit the wire transfer. I called USAA and the hold time was indicated to be :30, or I could have them call me back. Since I am international, I am not sure if USAA will call back an international number, so I gave them my google voice number to call back. By my own ignorance and limited tech knowledge, the number they had on file to call was forwarded to my wife's phone and for whatever reason, go straight to voicemail; ok, so I must call back and hold for "the next available representative".


I call USAA back, and go through the automated system to finally end up with the international wire transfer team. Per their automanted system, I was to be on hold for 10 minutes ... about 29 minutes later, someone finally picks up the phone. She was polite and information was provided and the transaction was completed. Fast foward about 2 hours later, my wife gets a voicemail from USAA's fraud department that I should call them, no direct line or extension was given. I called USAA's automated system, and told the system that I wanted the fraud department and within that menu, I was given only three options, none of which included the option of speaking to a person. Ok, so now what do I do? since the money was coming out of my checking account, I told the automated system that I wanted to talk to someone in the "checking" department. Once someone came on the line (about 10 minutes), they transfered me to the fraud department. Someone from the fraud department answered relatively quick, and asked them what the problem was ... he had no clue. The man puts me on hold to investigate my issue ... for :45 minutes!!!! After the :45 minutes, someone from the wire transfer department answers the phone and tells me that they are ready for my infomation so I can submit a wire transfer, WHAT???? The lady and I talk for a few, and checks my account and then tells me that my wire tranfer, the one from the morning, had processed. I ask her what the fraud department wanted, and she wasn't sure other than my wire transfer had processed.


what the heck just happened???


@Rascal y Estrella, Thank you for reaching out and sharing your concerns. We apologize for any frustration you may have experienced. This is not the experience we want you to have and we definitely want to look into this and ensure your concerns are appropriately addressed. I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area for further review. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Tricia