I would like to provide some feedback about the iPad check deposit app. I recently tried to deposit a check and after I finalized the transaction and clicked the deposit button, the app flaked out and froze up. I couldn't get the app to work on my iPad for about 1/2 hour so I checked on my computer to make sure the deposit went through and it showed that it had. A few days later, the deposit was reversed and the reason given was that I had not provided an endorsement. (I had endorsed the back of the check and submitted it with the transaction).

I was charged a $5 cancellation fee for the reversed deposit and now must mail the check in for deposit because the deposit software will not allow me to "re-deposit" the check.

In most cases, USAA is a class act but in this instance, I had a bad experience which I believe is due to their App crashing on me in the middle of my initial deposit.

Please forward this feedback to the appropriate app developers so they can improve the product and reduce the likelihood of this sort of thing from happening in the future.




 I can only imagine how frustrated you are given the circumstances. We want to make sure that we have one of our contacts in the bank review your situation to see if there's something USAA can do. If you don't mind providing a few additional details, by clicking here,  we can have one of our team members review your account.

Fyi. The mail deposit was rejected because it was a "duplicate " deposit. The customer service rep I spoke with was not helpful at all and said I need to have the check reissues. I'm very disappointed in usaa right now.