down the tube

Over 50 year member of USAA and have watched it spiral to the bottom of financial institutions. The list of blunders just keep growing: USAA's investment program was never great but the sale was more for management than membership. In the age of computers talking to each other USAA appears to have an IT below stubby pencil computations with pending transactions often taking more than a week to clear, impacting members' credit. In search of greater profits credit card expiration moved from two years to five with cheaper cards falling apart before they expire. The list keeps growing.

The question is USAA still a membership association serving the members or a big business in search of greater profits to be shared only by corporate management?

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Corporation looking for profits. Care and pride for membership departed the station decades ago. 

frank d the answer to your question is that the "new" USAA's only goals are to increase the CEO's $5 million/year compensation and instill his and the Board's woke beliefs onto USAA.  He doesn't care about you or the list of blunders referenced in your comment.  He will get his salary no matter how bad USAA performs.  What you see happening to USAA has been intentionally done.  I left USAA after 40 years and have enjoyed tremendous savings on auto insurance for 4 vehicles.  USAA can easily be beaten on every product they offer.

Good morning @frank d, I regret to hear you feel this way with USAA.  I was able to locate your profile and have shared your feedback via the appropriate channel. We appreciate your time this morning! -Emily