I have an ex wife who i basically let control all the finances while we together, meaning alot of things we had jointly. Unaware of alot things she was doing, majority what she was doing negativel, caused my credit to fall in the process. Her and i are divorced she has a car and a apartment, she has me on child support. I work fulltime and i pick up jobs from time to time as they come just to try and make it. I recently lost my apartment, my vehiclr has been repossed, i am desperate need of transportation to get to and from work, i have appplied for every loan i can think of but do too the fact i have bad credit they denied me each and every time... Please help me i don t care if apr rates are high ill take it i just really need to get vehicle back that is all that i have thats mine .


Your only option is probably going to be a "buy here, pay here" car lot.  The only qualification they normally require is a minimum income.