direct deposit form

I need to download a dirct deposit form to give to employer to deposit paycheck, can't find it on line.


To set up direct deposit with USAA, you'll need to provide your employer with the following information:

  • The name of your bank: USAA Federal Savings Bank
  • The type of account: Checking or Savings
  • Your account number: Available on bank statements, checks or your Account Summary page on
  • The routing number for USAA Federal Savings Bank

*Link to the direct deposit form (Must be logged in)

*UPDATE from Moderator to correct link.

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I was able to locate the direct deposit form the following way:


1.  Click on "My Accounts"


2.  Under your banking information, click on your bank account (blue linked)


3.  On the next page, click on "Account Features"


4.  Next, click on "Help Me Switch My Direct Deposit", under the Direct Deposit heading


5.  Follow the instructions.


I hope this helps.

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