Hooray, dani w! I am happy to hear our members have helped! :-)

Thank you so much Txi Txi you were more helpful than the actual representatives.

very helpful, wish I would have looked on here last night instead of wasting hours searching for it myself.

Hi funster, that's hard to hear. Next time you have a question, please come back to our Community page and ask your question.  We come together to share information and build a stronger community.

how come i can not find or print direct deposit forms like i use to do?

Hi Cody87,

If you follow Txi Txi's steps above, they will lead you to the form.


direct deposit.png


Thank you!



To access a direct deposit form or voided check, please scroll down to the bottom of your checking account page to the Account Services menu. Then, click on Set Up Direct Deposit from the Deposits section of the menu. You will be asked a few questions to determine which form will work best for you, and then you'll be given a printable direct deposit form or voided check for your employer.

Just had to do this for a new teaching job in S.A.  Works great.  You get a PDF already filled out for priting or saving.

@MB63, glad to hear it worked! Good luck at your new job :) -Colleen

I need to find the form