Anyone else have issues with getting paid today?? Where's our DD????


I am wondering this same exact thing!?!

YES! Where is my pay, i don't think its a USAA problem though, i'm CG and my LES hasn't posted yet either. Kinda freaking out!

Definitely a CG issue and not USAA.  Check DA for updates, as something was posted earlier today regarding pay.

Anyone know why?

Is your direct deposit coming from the Coast Guard?

Yes it is

We are also awaiting our CG pay to be deposited.  From what I understand, this is not an issue on USAA's end, but with the CG themselves. They switched to a new pay system and pay has been delayed.  A message was put out on DA stating that pay would be sent out earlier today (1200 central time), but that doesn't seem to have happened.  Fingers crossed they get the ball rolling and we will get paid by tomorrow.

1608 Eastern time, same here
Has anyone gotten paid today? I haven't. Are we getting paid tomorrow?