Hello and thanks for any help. I have just completed a flooring project for a customer of usaa and the referral company they use. The home owner mr fisher at 10095 pinedale dr colorado springs colorado is refusing to pay for my services. You have cut him the check. The referral company construction whatever has informed the restoration company (paul davis) that if my attorney continues a legal dept collection process against the debtor (fishers) they will stop referring work to the restoration company. Is it your position to empower the construction referral company to abuse any power they have. As I have been paid nothing on this project and I am in fact out of pocket. I'm sorry if in fact it is your position to grant the authority to a referral to force closure on a dept collecting attempt. Should you feel the need to contact the homeowners in regards to if in fact they did net a significant balance of money upon completion of the insurance claim to usaa I feel that this is a theft of my time and profit for which I should be compensated. And I should not have to hear that a dept needs to be cleared inorder to continue to work for a particular company thank you for your time and if this is beyond your pay grade please send it to the person whom out ranks you. Craig Charleston colorado springs colorado 80911 7192008578