Can someone explain the best way to deposit to my accounts so that the funds clear quickly? I deposited a money order which won't clear until April 10th. What century are we in??


I just deposited 3 money orders using deposit@mobile and my funds are already available as if they were checks. We've never had a problem with checks clearing. This is our first time with money orders, but we didn't have a problem. I got them from the post office. I would use deposit@mobile if you have the app and are able. Never any problems on our end!

My wife and I use deposit@home and deposit@mobile all of the time and the funds are always available immediately. I have used the UPS store twice for large deposits and each time the funds were also available immediately. Unfortunately, check and money order fraud has become a huge problem for banks in the last few years and is a leading cause of holds. If your funds are on hold you can call and ask for the hold to be removed. If you have a good history (no NSF or overdrafts, etc.), they may remove the hold. Just be aware, there is no guarantee that they will remove the hold just because you call in. 

I use deposit@home exclusively and I've never noticed a hold on the funds, but we also keep way too much in the checking account, so if funds were held we would probably not notice it.