I am hoping usaa makes things right before my next day off as I will be opening a local account, switching auto insurance, and will be doing everything possible to distance myself from usaa. I have been depositing my paychecks since 1998 and now they are going to hold it for 10 days. The 2 reps I talked to on the phone were condescending and not helpful and were completely indifferent to my taking business elsewhere. I am amazed at how many members have the same complaint. Please resolve this or I'm gone.



As a Member Community Manager I don't have access to your member information. 


We would like the opportunity to explore all options to help. As such, we ask that you please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722. We hope to hear from you soon.

I'm a retired 40+ year member. USAA just placed a hold on a significant fraction of a deposit from my nest egg account at American Funds. That fund has 43 billion dollars in assets. The robot said it's for my "protection". So glad to know this. My son, who is a 10-year USAA member also has this happen to every paycheck he deposits recently. He is on the phone with USAA daily. Today he had to talk them out of an overdraft fee that USAA applied when USAA withdrew his car insurance premium while withholding his paycheck deposit. This isn't right. Really disappointed in USAA

Since '72, I regret your disappointment about deposit holds. Please understand that when you deposit a check, the “behind the scenes” money exchange can take a week or more. All banks use a standard set of rules for how long to hold these items before making the cash available. At USAA Bank, we strive to make your deposit available as quickly as possible and for most deposits, funds are available immediately. However, according to our Depository Agreement, a check or transfer can be held up to seven business days depending on one or more of the following factors:

  • Source of deposited funds (government, company, individual, etc.)
  • Method of deposit (ATM, mobile device, mail, etc.), and Bank account history

You can review the Funds Availability section of the Depository Agreement here: http://bit.ly/2eGd2Pf.


Also, for immediate availability of deposited funds without a hold, we do recommend processing a wire transfer. Our wire transfer instructions can be located here: http://bit.ly/2hPP2hi.


In the meantime, I will share your comments regarding the deposit hold and overall customer service experience with our team. We review all feedback received in an effort to identify areas of opportunity.


- Ben