It is really frustrating you don't work with UPS anymore. What was wrong with their technology? I know about your stupid app, but there isn't enough room on my phone for it. This means I need to figure out a way to get more storage on it, which will cost me money and time when all I want to do is deposit a check. That is inconvenient, UPS technology was not. You guys are normally so nice to work with, that is one of the big reasons I have stayed, but this is extremely frustrating. Can't imagine what it is like for an elderly member who doesn't live near a usaa branch or atm. This is not customer service and you should have had a better plan before dropping UPS. You have complicated such a normal banking need. Also I have the posts by others who are in a much more frustrating predicament then I am and you have no real solutions for them. What were thinking ending depositing at UPS without a good alternative? You are working with America's vets and all you have to offer is mail and an app?! You pride yourself on who your customers are, but make a SIMPLE thing extremely frustrating.


gwen2, I regret your frustration with our decision to remove the Easy Deposit feature through the UPS Store. Please understand that the technology used for the Easy Deposit services did not support future upgrades in security, so this option was discontinued. Our members security is of the utmost importance, so anything that cannot be upgraded as needed, would no longer be supported. This is the reason why the service was discontinued and our Deposit@Home and Deposit@Mobile being made available. I will share your concerns about this matter with our team. We review all feedback received in an effort to identify areas of improvement. - Ben

To Ben from USAA, your response is completely unacceptable. How can a BANK make it so difficult for members to deposit money. I just posted about the same issue and better not get a reply as insufficient as yours. Time to take my business elsewhere.

ConcernedCustomer12 - We understand your frustration in needing to deposit a large check. Please see our reply to your other post. - Jason