I posted last week about my credit card dispute being denied.  After being told by a USAA representative today that I could only accept an offer of a credit of half of the amount I disputed, because there was 'proof' provided by the merchant, I read the 'proof' that was uploaded today. There is no proof there! Why does USAA take the merchant's word against mine?  I was not able to go on the tours I paid for. I accepted the half credit because I thought USAA had some sort of proof that they were bound to believe, but there was nothing at all provided by the merchant. It's his word against mine and I see no reason why my word is considered less valid than his. I asked USAA to call the people who were witnesses and they did not, apparently. Half of the credit is insufficient after feeling very disrespected and misled.


Do I have any rights to withhold payment of the other half of the amount I disputed?  USAA continues to tell me I must pay it and have no rights. Needless to say I'm in the market for another credit card where I will happily charge all my business' monthly bills to the tune of over $3000/monthly - I thought USAA would at least have considered my business worth keeping for that alone, even if they have no regard for my honesty and integrity.


Sorry, sometimes not all disputes are settled the way you want them.   Would be unrealistic to believe that credit card companies would always side with the card holder.


You can always take the guy to small claims court.

It's much harder to win a claim against a credit card charge for a service that was never provided vs. a charge that you never authorized in the first place. Credit card companies aren't going to get involved in whether a service was completely inadequate. They'll check to see whether or not the merchant had documentation you did in fact authorize the charges. Sorry.

Dear Tiff Mac, I can understand your frustration and want to help get an answer to your question by connecting you with a service specialist. You have some options, please click here to provide us with the details of your situation and your member information or you can call 1-800-531-8722. Thank you for reaching out here in Community!

As a dispute representative, I can say that we are bound by the rules set forth by Visa and MasterCard. You can actually Google these by looking for the chargeback guidelines. They are made available to the public. For your dispute, knowing that you were supposed to go on tours and the merchant was unable to provide the service because he was drunk, I would have processed the dispute under service not provided and won easily. What I say with my knowledge, however, does not matter since I do have proof the merchant confirmed they were unable to provide the service and USAA never contacted me before validating the charge. I obtained the information on my own to send in for the dispute, called today, was told I would need to escalate to speak with the dispute department, and then received a letter in the mail stating the information I provided proved the services were provided. I submitted a dispute form on my phone stating services weren't rendered and merchant refused credit. How exactly did I prove services were provided? I'm very disappointed in USAA, and agree that I will be looking into other cards as well. As far as your dispute rights, you can Google them for each credit card. Visa and MasterCard does not hide the information. I do warn you, they are at least a thousand pages long.


I am so sorry to hear your dispute is not progressing as you planned. We would like to get someone to take a second look. Can you please email us here at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and the full details about your dispute process thus far? We will have a representative from the dispute department in touch after we receive and review your email. Thank you for taking the time to post here in the community.