I was very disappointed to learn that USAA denied my credit card dispute.  Where can I appeal this decision?  Why does USAA decide to entirely believe the merchant and not believe me at all?  Especially when the merchant has a criminal record and I have NONE?  (Wish I had known this before my purchase...)  What are credit card fees for, if not to allow credit card companies to honor the rights of its consumers?


They make the decision based on the documentation provided by you and the merchant.  If you made the purchase, why were you disputing it.  That would determine what your next step would be. 

I paid the merchant for a trip which included several tours in northern Arizona.  Unfortunately he was drinking so heavily he was unconscious and unable to take us on the tours at all.  Instead it was a nightmare of a trip trying to make sure he survived his binge drinking since I had given him $590 in cash he was busy spending on hard alcohol.

Okay, your complaint is about the quality of goods and services, not a billing error.  This is what you can do per the National Consumer Law Center:


Right to withhold payment


The third important credit card dispute protection is the right to stop payment. Stopping payment is a very powerful tool that you can use when you are dissatisfied with something you bought with a credit card. You can use this power if you have a legitimate complaint about the quality of goods or services you bought with the card and you first make a good faith effort to resolve the problem with the merchant directly.


There are a few other important limits to the stop payment right:


The goods or services you bought must have cost more than $50 and


You must have bought those goods or services in your home state or within 100 miles of your mailing address.


However, these last two limits do not apply if the credit card was issued by the seller (such as a department store card) or if the seller mailed you the advertisement for the goods or services you purchased. You still need to make a good faith effort to resolve the problem with the seller in these circumstances.


After you notify your credit card company that you are withholding payment, they cannot report the disputed amount as delinquent to a credit bureau until the dispute is settled or a court judgment is issued against you. The lender cannot treat the dispute as “settled” or take collection action against you unless it has completed a reasonable investigation of your claim.


thank you!

Dear Tiff,

If you give us a call here at 1-800-531-8722 or send us an email at socialmedia@usaa.com (with your member number and details about the payment in dispute) we can get you assistance right away! Thank you!

Thank you again for your help. How sad to call USAA and hear John tell me 'there is nothing I can do.'  After pressing him for over 30 minutes, he told me I could 'reassert' my dispute.  Now I wonder:


What are my legal rights if I choose to send in a ‘Reassertment’ request to P.O. Box 33514 San Antonio TX 78265?


What are the ramifications if I choose to ‘reassert’ vs ‘withhold payment.’ Should I do both? Does one of the processes nullify the other process?


How do I notify USAA that I wish to withhold payment?  They won't tell me despite a very long conversation. 


USAA has not given me any instructions for how to request supporting documents.  I talked to them for over an hour... although they were sympathetic apparently they continue to believe the merchant instead of me.  USAA is really disappointing me.  If they did a minimal background check they could see the difference between an obviously criminal merchant and a very hardworking person like myself.