debit card expired, and no cash, has check book though

Ok so I found out today at lunch that my debit card and credit card had expired today.
I'm going to need money tomorrow.
Can I still use my checks?
And where would my new debit card be, I should have gotten one already right?

Had an issue like this when my first card started cracking and I ordered a new card which I never got had to order again


Found my new credit card, put money on it

Hi Danyule,

Thank you for commenting. Yes, you can still use your checks. I have sent your comment over to the bank to ensure a new debit card is sent right away. Thank you

Make sure your mailing address is up to date.  I normally get my new cards 30-45 days before they expire unless I have forgotten to update USAA with my new address.  Other issue might be stolen mail, depending on where you live.