What is the deal with the snarky customer service reps?  Idiot Byron or something like that just threatened that they may close my account, so I told him to go ahead.  He started stuttering suprised I would take him up on it.  Idiot.  There's plenty of banks out there.  Customer service matters.  Apparently USAA is scraping the bottom of the barrell with its help now.  No wonder former members are flocking away.  I've heard great things about Navy FCU.  Moving over there.


@no longer a fan2, it's difficult to hear of your experience. This is never what we hope for our longtime members. I've submitted your feedback to the appropriate team for review. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. ~Holland

NFCU is way better. Night and day comparison. It used to be the other way around.

I have so many disappointing experiences with USAA it's ridiculous. The ONLY product/service that I have not had issues with is Term Life insurance...because it's a pay and no talk deal. All other banking, credit, and privacy law violations, are my normal experiences. Even the auto insurance is more expensive. NFCU has a deal with GEICO... I saved $2000. No B.S.