One of the supposed free serviced is your free credit monitoring. To get the whole report you have to pay. Experian is not endorsed by the USAA yet they send you to the experican link. When you apply for credit. USAA uses Equifax as their determing agency. Check you paperwork and credit disclosures. No joke. Just another way to get a buck. Experian isn't gonna be allowed to sit there and make money off of USAA members without getting their price of the pie. They don't miss a trick to get the Buck from the military


Why do you see what USAA really stands for on the page you log off from?
Because they want you to think it means something other than the United services automobile association. Nada . nothing to do with military except sell you products and services that any other financial services company can give you.


Website is a piece of art. Almost perfect. It is the bad business that I am adressing
Hey i gotta say this to about Experican ... company dont even use there credit score because it proposed not factual

Grunt, you don't know what you are talking about.  Credit monitoring has never been a free service.


Whether they use Experian for both monitoring and their own credit decisions is irrelevant.  If you have bad credit, it's your problem not USAA's or the credit reporting agency's.  Besides, monitoring products are set up by a different business unit and not the credit department.  Probably Equifax gives USAA better pricing for credit checks and Experian gives better pricing for monitoring.  Again, if you have good credit it shouldn't matter.  If you have bad credit then quit whining and start meeting your obligations.