credit score Risk and the worthless report from experian

after reading reports from others, i see I'm in the same bucket!

it appears as though excellent payment history, never ever a forelcosure, repossion or late pay is a factor?

it also appears that experian uses a computer than has NO brains and they dont care either.


as a young man, your credit wortheness was entirly based upon past payments history, income etc. now its all about 'credit risk', how can a f--king computer assess my risk level without inclding 24 years of perfect credit payments and history?


I was 811 seveal years aso, nothing has changed never a late payment or negitve report, yet experian redued my score to 625 recently ?????


in addtion, these reports are linked to a clearance re-investigation etc. I think someone needs to monitor credit agencys!!!!!!


Hi acollier2009 - I would recommend that get a copy of your report and review for accuracy. You may reached them at
or call at 1-800-685-1111 to dispute anything that's not valid or correct. - Cathleen