My husband has usaa for over 20 years. I never had access to the account until 2013 and that was only with the card. I was not to have online access. He was medically retired so we lost a lot of money while he was waiting for his rating. In that time I was working and my checks were being direct deposited. My husband also signed up and opened a usaa credit card account and added me as a joint owner. I was not ever aware of this as it was done online and I never saw the account and didn’t see the card. He recently consolidated his debt ( his own ) and that card his raked up to $13,000 is just sitting there not paid collecting fees. Hurting my credit score. I tried contacting the credit bureaus and fighting it and got no where. I did not give him consent to add me and I’m livid. What can I do and what can USAA do? I brought it to their attention and got blown off already.


Krissy7718 - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason