USAA has worked to lower insurance rates, why not lower interest rates on our credit cards. It is time someone did something about the rediculas rates on credit cards when rates being paid on deposits is  at or below 2.5%


Hello @allreadytaken and thank you for reaching out to us. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. I have sent this information to the appropriate area to be reviewed during future enhancements.  We appreciate you taking time to submit this. ~Sarah 

allreadytaken, I am wondering when you last looked at savings rates?  USAA pays .05% to .58% depending on how much you have in the savings or CD.  You need a million to get .58% which is horrible even for ANY bank or credit union.  I make 1.1% on regular savings at another place and that is on any amount.  I get 1% at another bank on any amount and they have better software.  Customer service at USAA has gone down hill for years and my external banks do much better there. 


I have brought savings rates up to USAA several times but nothing changes.  That is why I do very little finance with USAA anymore (10 years ago I did everything with USAA).  I keep about $150 in savings/checking (combined).  I don't expect USAA to be the best, but I expect them to at least keep pace with others.  If 'they' can pay 1%, why can't USAA at least pay .75%?  But .05%?  My money is better off in my pillowcase!  Remember, USAA needs that spread between savings and credit to pay for all those commercials going out to people who don't even qualify for membership.


I keep the credit cards I have because they have better rates than other offers I have received and I keep the insurance on my cars because although others are cheaper, I have had no issues with claims service (although I have only used them twice in the last 20 years or so).  Last time I tried to change auto insurance companies, I got lured in with a low rate at GEICO and a year later, the rate increase by about 30%.

@Phantom Cobra. Thank you for sharing your insight on how you fee about the current rates at USAA. I have forwarded your feedback for review. -Colleen