Is there any other way to contact usaa other than by phone because for deployed military members over seas it is very difficult to contact usaa over the when we cant use cellular phones. An email would be fantastic if available because my usaa account is locked right now


It may be possible to unlock your account online depending on the reason the account is locked. I would try to unlock online otherwise don't think there is any other options but to call.

It has been a nightmare for our family as well. and the fraud department does not have anyone that can access your account, and god forbid that they have wrong information, because then they become locked ou of the account. They should have a simple video chat option that lets them verify its the actual member online. I went through twitter and recieved a quick and very smart action taken immediately only to have it locked out the next day again. 

Dear FranDaTank,

Are you still having issues accessing your account?



I called today again, and again was told the same things i've been told now (x)number of times, "that the issue i had should not have happened, we have made the notes to your account, it looks like you recently PCS'ed, we've made the changes so that this doesn't happen again". I stopped counting, but it now becomes insulting.


I have thoroughly been inpressed with USAA since the beginning. It's customer service for military members has been phenomenal...... up until my pcs. I have repeated my story now ridiculously and avoid calling at all cost, because of the frustration from the service. I Hate that these forums seem like a complaint department. But the burden it is causing my family, not to mention the stress is unnecesarry. At one point, while in central america and not having access to my account, nor online access.  I was told "can't you borrow money from your family" (which is a story I now use in social gatherings, and people think it's a joke). 

Arriving here to this PCS in the UK I talk to other members that tell me they are having similar issues as well. 

I can't imaging how frustrating it must be to have money stolen from your accounts. So I understand the need for fraud protection, but the lack of communication or understanding within USAA is what has me most distraught. 


Only 1 person was truly helpful and he was from the twitter department and I was so thankful that he went out of his way to help us.......only to have my account locked out the next day as well.


At least this last time I could still get into my online account so I can make the trasfer to the local account so that we can pay the deposit and rent on our place while we are over here. Luckily the landlords were nice enough to let us move in without the initial deposit. It is a 25 GBP fee if it's late. Not to mention the charges we've had to pay for multiple international calls. from Lodging on base and local numbers in Mildenhall, and while in central america


Let me not forget that my usaa credit card then went over limit with the initial block to my accont that lasted 2 weeks.even though the payment was made. from my usaa checking to my usaa credit card and on time, but returned because f the block. It is now reflected on my credit report  that it was over limit. I contacted the bank the way i was instructed to resolve the issue, and am still waiting on response. It has been 1 month now and instead of a response on how to correct it, I keep having my account locked.  So the same money that I'm being asked to invest with is just being thrown away because of either incompetence or lack of communication from seperate departments. all of course with no hope of ever seeing any of those cost returned to me. The amount of money isn't the biggest loss. It's the loss of trust and of time that hurts the most. Time away from family. Time becoming frustrated dealing with incompetence. So many calls made. so many different people transferred to without an answer. Also the times i've been told that i would get a call back. maybe the overseas number i gave was incorrect, but no attempt made at contacting me through other methods.



I'm just thankful my family arrived safely. It's a good thing military members don't deal with any stress at all. And I hope that these same situations aren't happening to those that are in the trenches.  For a company that prides itself in its military population and prior service employees I think maybe it's just me. There is no way that these prior service members have ever had to deal with this stress, and still allow things like this to hapen or not sympathise with those dealing with these problems, and be fighting for a solution. At a time when we are asked to do more with less. it's a wonder why military divore and suicide rates are so high. 


I would like to hear back about the credit discrepency and i ask that you please remove the major life changes window on the main site. It has been pointless as i entered in my pcs months before the move, and still have to mention that i pcs'ed overseas everytime I talk to someone.


I don't need a response, i've been given plenty of "this wont happen again". Just hoping that i can motivate someone at USAA to make it better for future military families and hoping none of yours have to go through same issues. thank you for your time and have a blessed year. And for those that tuly have served thank you for your service



I can assure you that your concerns have been sent over to our bank team. I can understand your frustration and will have a team member reach out to resolve his matter. Thank you again for your service and membership.

Hi Flogrown,

You can send us an email here at (please include your member number and the details of your locked out situation and the best way to reach you on deployment -possibly your email address?) and we will get the right member service representative in touch to assist. Thank you for your service. I wish you safe and swift return home.