Once again USAA has failed at customer service, the whole system is a shambles.  It makes me ill to watch the commercials on TV as though dealing with USAA is easy.  It is not, obviously the company is in financial trouble or has had breaches to go to such lengths just to get a balance.  Recently I called to ask a simple question, not pertaining to my account or anything sensitive just a simple question about a banking procedure that could apply to any customer or member.  I should be able to ask a simple question from whoever answers the phone without having to give my usaa number, social security number and my security code and pin, all through the automated system, then to get a person on the line who has to ask all the questions again to verify who I am.  All I wanted yesterday was my balance which is usually given with the automated system.  Once again the automated systems insists on sending a code to my cell phone which I am using so it is somewhat difficult to switch back and forth to get the code, then to enter it and then I end up with some representitive who starts out reading from his script and cannot deviate from or the call is useless which turned out to be the case again so I had to log on to my computer to get to the usaa site so I could check my balance.  It should not be that hard for such a simple task.  The customer service at this company is so bad, but they seem content to displease their members on a regular basis.  Once again they have a hold on a $70 check which tells me the bank is in serious trouble if they put a hold on a $70 check when my balance is ten times the value of the check.  I tried to put it directly into savings but again was told the wrong information and have not heard back from usaa as to how to accomplish a simple deposit. 


Once again USAA has succeed in showing me how low the company has dropped.  As I have repeatedly complained about USAA putting a hold on a small check that I deposit on a regular basis.  I assume you realize your mailing system or policy is extremely out dated and slow.  This letter is dated January 30 and it took six business days and nine regular days to reach me. It was generated the day I made the depoist but the hold had even been released by the time I got the notification letter.  That is hardly helpful or timely.  If you are going to restrict a members account, they need to be notified immediately, not ten days later.  Next I get to the "reason for hold"  The explanation is "We have reasonable belief a check you deposited will not be paid".  Can you explain why you believe this check will not be paid?  As I explained when I called initially in December I deposit this check every month and have for close to a year and it has NEVER not been paid.  I did have a check that was not honored in October or maybe it was November and it ended up being fraud.  A hold was put on that check and I did not question it.  However, every check  I have deposited since then has had a hold put on it.  I deposited a check from my cousin in early December and this $70 check and a hold was put on both of them.  As I mentioned I deposit this particular check every month and have for close to a year and it has never been returned or charged back.  I asked if the hold could be released early one month as a curtesory and was told no.  Evidently your corporate culture has changed and those niceties are no longer honored.  It is a sad day for USAA when a member of close to thirty years cannot be given a curtesory. 

Hello @Sonny4851

I understand holds are inconvenient and would like to expand on what can cause this.
Several factors can determine if a deposit will be on hold, such as;

• Length of time account has been open
• Recent negative account history, such as: Returned Deposits, Returned payments resulting in NSF fees, Overdrawing the account
• Average Monthly Balance in the account, (If the check is greater than the average monthly balance)
• Type of deposit: Verified funds (Direct Deposits, wire Transfers, certain types of Electronic Transfers) vs. Unverified funds (ATM & Mobile Deposits)
Please review the account you are initiating the deposit into, to determine which of these factors is causing the holds.


To prevent any inconvenience our mobile app will display the amount of hold prior to submitting and authorizing the deposit. This gives the chance to cancel if needed.

I hope this information helps to clarify what causes holds. I will share your concerns with the appropriate team.  ~ Lori C