I signed up for the #300 bonus in june 2015,and made two accounts auto deposits. in July,august ,sept and October. I contacted USAA to make sure i met all the requirements,the person I talked to when I set up the accounts,assured me that I met all the requirements,as to proper accounts being deposited to,and minimum amounts deposited. He assured me that I would get the #300 bonus in Sept 2015. No one mentioned that the new deposit had to go into a checking account,and not into a savings account. I have an IRA, ($300 k plus) two savings accounts and a checking acount, my homeowners insurance,auto (40 plus years) insurance,my two children also have usaa auto and homeowners insurance with USAA. I do not see any reason not to give me the $300 bonus, since funds can be moved from checking account to savings accounts freely, and I have been doing that over the years. Please reconsider this item, you are going to end a long and happy relationship!
the only excuse I got forfor denying the $300 bonus is that the deposits are goiung to a savings account,not a checkingg account

Dear Ducher,


You can give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 to discuss the offer and qualifying requirements. Thank you for posting.


would a call do any good?,sounds like your minds are made up, even though one of your employees gave me bad advice in saying either savings or checking account was Ok to qualify for the nonus.for the
Read the "FINE PRINT". If God told you " I will let you into heaven if you do A and B" and you decided to do C & D instead do you deserve to go to heaven? Answer is "NO!!" You didn't follow the rules!