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Has anyone had a positive experience with USAA's built in budget tool?The applet will not work for me at all (will not save any changes). I called tech support over a week ago and have heard zilch.It seems to have potential, but this is ridiculous. In the meantime I get getting emails trying to sell...
For YEARS, customers have been asking USAA to offer a round up service for purchases. Example; purchase of $5.25 gets rounded to $6 and the .75 is put into your savings account. For YEARS USAA has avoided the topic and pointed everyone in the direction of other services. Can we FINALLY get an answer...
USAA is absolutely the worse. This is the third incident that I’ve had to where they could careless of how they treat you. I keep telling myself it’s an isolated incident and the good outweighs the bad BUT nope not this time. I have been a joint owner on my adult sons account since opening when he w...
What is the best way to get rid of credit card debt?
I am in deep water is seems thanks to USAA. I made a payment to my Amex Personal Loan from the Amex website. The payment was supposed to be $44.80. Due to a typographical error, I made a payment of $4480.00. Amex wasn't able to cancel the payment because the payment was made the same day (lesson lea...
I made a balance transfer. Inadvertently I had the pay in full box checked and did not realize. So I paid a substantial balance transfer fee to use the money for less than a month. USSA says there is nothing they can do. They could help but choose not to.
Hola necesito información completa acerca de esta cuenta, no tengo tarjeta y necesito saber si tengo algún crédito ya que soy paciente de cáncer y necesito viajar a ver un especialista y no tengo $ pido su ayuda gracias
Dear @John77 This post has been moved from the “Discuss: Finances” area to the "Support: Insurance" area to ensure the appropriate team is addressing your post. Thank you.
Do you offer an annuity if so what do you pay for investments over $100,000 fixed for five term?

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