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Received correspondence that there was an error for a period of time and that there would be a refund but have no idea when or for what amount. please advise
Add my voice to the number of members who are upset with the removal of check images from monthly statements. I don't write a lot of checks, but when I do write one, it tends to be for something important that I want a record of. With the old statements, I would have a permanent record of a payment....
I want to assume the mortgage of another usaa member. What do I have to do? We are both disabled.
We are selling our house and will have an opportunity to put 20% down on a new mortgage. Would it be more worthwhile to consolidate debts before or after a new mortgage? In other words, as to avoid a new credit inquiry in efforts to get a better interest rate on a new mortgage; or go ahead now to co...
The new statements are not user friendly. I want them to go back to the way they were. You have made more work for me.
Member since 1979 and starting to get really annoyed at the lack of attention to the Quicken duplicate transation download problem. USAA has been aware of this problem for at least two months now and there's been no acknowledgement or estimate as to when it will be fixed.
I can't understand why USAA thinks removing check images from our access after 90 days is a good idea. The stements still have our full account number and the routing number is public knowledge. You can find it anywhere, so security seems like a poor excuse for removing these images. So for now, I h...
What used to be a concise and easy to use document to reconcile a checking account has been re-developed into a document that is TERRIBLE!!! Not sure why it was changed and what jerk decided the new format was better. Whoever it was obviously never balanced a checking account. The old format had ver...
For a little while I've been seeing duplicate transactions when downloading from USAA to Quicken. I might download transactions to Quicken but when I do my next download, often the next day, the same transactions will download again. I survived the download process changes last month. This started h...
Got a letter today saying USAA made an error when calculating my auto premium. How much is it? Can't find anything on the web site. Retired DOM

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Auto premium error
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