Why they got to hold my money for 6 days 2 weeks in a row when it's transferred from the same account both times.. Usaa banking is the worst bank I've ever seen


Did you ask them?

Yes I did. I've always Transfered money from my chase account to the usaa account. It's been a few months since I've done it so they said due to inactivity it will take 5 days. Don't agree with that but I said ok. The very next week I did another transfer from same account and now it's being held for 6 days... Makes no since.. I tell them I need that money their response was to borrow the money from somebody!!! What customer service rep sais that!!! Terrible

Probably a bit more to this issue.  Unfortunately, USAA will not respond here except to have you contact them.  I've seen several complaints like this on the BBB page, USAA responded with issues of account abuse or mismanagement problems on the part of the member as the reason.

Hi Cabinass,

I am sorry to hear about the holds on your account and the lack of helpful information you received when you called.


Because your social ID (Cabinass) is not linked to your member number, in order to give you personalized assistance, we request that you send us a message here (with the details you provided above and the best way to contact you).


Just for general knowledge, the Funds Availability details (in the depository agreement) can be found on page 20 of this PDF document.


Thank you