I want to know, how can I deposit money into my bank account.


If there is no usaa bank in your state u can use a check or money order @ most ups stores
U.S. Postal Service. Jeez.
Sorry my answer was so curt. You may be a young person not familiar with banking. If you cannot use a scanner at home for USAA's Deposit @ Home, USAA can send several green envelopes, addressed to the bank, and you fill-in a deposit slip from your checkbook to include with your deposit in the envelope. DON'T SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL, EVER. If does take a few days but this way worked for hundreds of millions of people before electronics overtook everyday life. The snail mail method requires some planning ahead and a cushion in the checking account to avoid bounced checks but that is part of normal financial planning. Go online and ask the bank to send some evelopes to you. They will arrive in two or three days in the mail. Hope this helps.
You can go to the US store closest to ya and deposit them there... funds are a viable immediately.. it also take 30 days after opening an account to see if ya qualify for deposit @ home/ deposit mobile...
UPS store, sorry my phone change the last post
Be careful with depositing money orders at the UPS store. For some unknown reason, my depost was put in hold. 10 days! I was able to get them to post it after explaining why I went through the trouble of making a deposit that way but it was a hassle that I didn't expect.

Lena Grand,

I am glad you got this worked out. Thank you for your membership. 

I'm probably not the norm here but where I live, I always seek out a local credit union that has no fees for my account.  I use that for cash transactions.  I link it to my USAA account and transfer money back and forth as needed.  I trust bank to bank transfers more than I would UPS or the postal service getting an envelope someplace when the envelope is pretty clearly marked that it is going to a bank or other financial institution.