A few weeks ago I wrote a post regarding my experience wit my subscriber’s account. We had received notification informing us that we must elect via the online option how we would like to receive our dividend. It was simple. And we elected online to have the dividend send direct deposit to our checking acct. The known requirement was we must elect no later than Nov 10th, and that requirement was met via our online selection. Fast forward to December 8th, we received an email indicating we would be receiving our over 500 dollar dividend as a credit to our insurance policy. What? That was not as we had requested. So I called and after a very lengthy conversation and research I was told that because I as the spouse had made the selection on our website account and not my husband the request would not be honored!! Further more there was no denial by website, no notification that would alert me that I was NOT authorized to make the election. The FAQ portion does not state that a joint account holder can’t make the election. I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was denied! I was told to write a letter. This election to credit our car insurance means USAA elected to pay themselves, to keep My money in house. To advertise options but to not educate the requirements to families who have service members who leave their spouses to handle their affairs, just know you are being denied the ability to do so!!! I was told I would not be able to speak to anyone. What is that? I then get a call from a person who “claimed” to be an advocate researching my claim. I was given an extension to this person who after 3 phone calls to her extension Ms Wright has yet to return MY call. Let’s just say this this situation is wrong! Fraudulent practices? Perhaps!! Telling a customer they have options but not putting in place education/exclusion information lives one seeing their situation as Bait and switch!!! And to have your request to have your call elevated to the next level, shows shady business practice. Military people are the backbone of this business!! You decided how my dividend would be spent. You refused to assist my family. Your “advocate” refuses to call me back or even update me on her”research of my complaint”, so what does that say for the treatment of your customers? Is this a legal matter? Should my local Attorney General and Senator be apprised of my experience? I want y fellow military families to be informed, and fully educated of this type of busI was practice!!! We have been with USAa for over 20 years!! This practice is appalling to say the least!!