Well.... I'm disappointed, with all of the hype (which I hear none outside of commercials) I'd think Usaa was here to serve we the service members and those who served before us. Banking with usaa literally sucks, no physical banks and when it comes to processing your check into your account it's only during business hours and days.... there's no wonder why everyone stays with Navy fed... I'm rerouting my direct deposit back into my navy fed.... which would make for this horrible excuse for a bank useless.


So are you having trouble with your direct deposit from employer or trouble using the mobile app on your smart phone to deposit a check, both of which I've found extremely useful and beneficial, even when the bank is closed. Also I haven't actually had to step foot in a bank in over 15 years, and never even stepped foot into an actual USAA branch, which I'm not sure they even have branches, but just on bank in San Antonio, any ways back to your issue. Do you not have a smartphone? Because you can use it to deposit money into USAA, for that matter most any bank now days has an app to allow you to deposit a check right into your account, savings or checking...I hope this issue you're having gets resolved, if not best if luck with what ever choice you make,which is the great thing about this country, we're free to make our own choices, unlike North Koreans who get executed for watching S Korean soap operas...thank you for your service, so we all can have choices!


I"m sorry to hear that you're frustrated. USAA has many options available tobank with them besides a physical banking location. You may contact a USAA representative regarding this matter at 1-800-531-8722. We would be happy to assist you.