I would lioke information on an annuity for my wife.  She os ,much younger than i and i would like to buy a 30 year annuity.

what is the best one for this purpose?


Hello @tuppy, I'm engaging a specialist to help with your inquiry. Thanks for reaching out. -Paula

Take your buisness elsewhere. 

Tuppy, I would suggest instead of annuity you do some dividend investment. 


Annuity plans are difficult to manage on your own terms, so you get locked into funds that only benefit the company.


Investing in dividend paying stocks give you a huge amount of flexibility and total control of your financeses. The only time you have to pay a fee is when you execute a trade.


For beginers I would suggest CLM, $5K roughly investment will give you roughly $100 per month to do with as you wish. And it just so happens that I've decided to make another attempt to create a dividend investing book for free to USAA members, but I'm still trying to figure out how to link all my spreadsheet info here on USAA. Kinda been a bust. =+S