USAA states that they have a Zero Fraud Policy.  That is a complete joke.  The inception of the internet has caused all types of unthinkable fraud to occur throughout the universe and it comes in all forms and facets.  So, if you state that you have a Zero Fraud Policy, then you should live up to that and be far more supportive of the ways that the unsavory thieves throughout the globe take advantage of people all day every day.  That is just it, USAA is ineffective in handling basic fraud cases so there is no way they are going to be supportive when it comes to effectively resolving mildly complicated issues not to mention the more complex fraud issues evolving throughout the universe.  They need to cease and desist with that misnomer.  All my dealings with this company have been honorific!  By this being an online bank, they more so than any other banking institution, should be more supportive and understanding about fraud related issues when it comes to their patrons.  They have the worst customer service imaginable; they tell you a boatload of lies and inconsistencies, and they are ineffective when it comes to actually satisfying their customers.  I have read the reviews. I know in each of my dealings, they have been every time without fail. You would also think by them catering to the Military and their families, they would be much better equipped to stand on the side of their clients.  Not USAA!  I cannot help but think how the elderly community is getting it socked to them. I am confident that they are unsuccessful in getting any real support or equitable resolutions from this banking institution. It is a real shame. I am disappointed and disturbed about how my dealings with them have been handled/mishandled, so I cringe at the thought of an elderly person utilizing and depending on this internet banking establishment to satisfy their banking requirements. If you are not going to have a true Zero Fraud Policy, then you need to stop with the false advertisement. You know better than anyone else that fraud comes in a multitude of ways! You do NOT have a zero Fraud Policy and you need to stop with the lies and tell the truth. USAA should be ashamed of themselves!



@Another Dsppntd Mber, Thank you for reaching out to share your feedback about your experience with fraud. I have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area to review. ~ Suzy