I'm extremely frustrated with Zelle.  I sent money from my other bank to USAA yesterday and I have not received it yet.  I've been using Zelle for a while now and I can't understand why USAA is holding my transfer.  I needed the money in the account ASAP and this is messing up my current situation.  This is causing me to question my membership.  Why do I need a bank that I cannot walk in and make my deposits or where my zelle deposit is kept on hold?


@BHunt, Thanks for reaching out and sorry for any frustration! I would recommend chatting or calling 210-531-8722 to look into that transfer if you still are not seeing it after refreshing. If you are transferring to/from accounts that were not authenticated yet, that could take a few business days. If they have been authenticated in the past, should go through right away. I will forward your concerns to a Bank specialist as well. Thank you ~Tom