Does anyone get Zelle only notifications when people send you money?  I know that I can update my settings to send me txt msg when I have "Urgent" or "Notifications" but that applies to all events and not something specific to Zelle


I would just like to get a push notification or Text message when someone sends me money in real time.  Just like the Zelle app does.


ANy help or comments?


Hello @IrishElvis and thank you for reaching out to us! You will get an email notification when you receive a Zelle payment. At this time we do not have a push notification or text message for just Zelle. We always value members, like yourself who give us their feedback. I'll be sure to pass on what you have told me to the appropriate area. If necessary and if it proves to be beneficial for our members, as well as our company,  an enhancement will be made. I hope future enhancements will better meet your needs. ~Sarah 

Can you add that to your development list?  I don't want to have to wait for an email when it can be done so much simpler with a text alert.  Just like Chase, BMO, Wells Fargo, and Zelle all do.


Please Please Please

@IrishElvisthank you for your feedback and suggestion. I have sent this information to the appropriate area to be reviewed during future enhancements.  We appreciate you taking time to submit this. Please let us know if you have any further questions! :) ~Sarah 

I had the exact same concern as well.  I never know money was sitting in my account from Zelle.  It was a few weeks later the person casually mentioned it.  A push notification is needed when money is put in your account.