Zelle Restricts the use of OUR OWN money during financial crisis and need.

I find it interesting that USAA Zelle has such limited and restrictive authorized amounts for sending.  I'm trying to move everything to USAA from Wells Fargo but find that I can send $2500 from Wells but only $999 from USAA. AND I often run into a 2-3 day delay with one recipient but instant with another.


These are transactions to established accounts. However, I can circumnavigate by using CashApp and though I have a fee, it gets done without any...I repeat ANY..delay.


During phone calls, I'm informed that the limits are at the discretion of the USAA Bank?  

Hey, it's my money, it's in your coffers, and it's not like I'm drawing on a loan account.


its especially aggravating during these times of financial hardships and trying to help others in need. 

I read how USAA is concerned about its members and their financial situations but still hamstring our use of our OWN money.


Thank you for sharing your concerns, @Renegade1968. I located your information and forwarded your concerns for further review. A specialist will reach out to you. We appreciate your membership and the opportunity to address your concerns. Tricia

I understand fully your desire to leave USAA.   Based on my experience you are moving from the frying pay to the fire.  (An expression my parents used to use).  You can do better than both USAA and Wells Fargo.