Zelle Block

When you USAA tells you to delete and update the app.  This will start your zelle hold for 30 days over.  When you get a new phone, change your phone, change your carrier you will NOT be able to use zelle for 30 days.  So if this is something you use as part of your life USAA is not there for you.  So do not change your phone, or the app or you will get blocked.  

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@diferminds, I regret frustration with not being able to access Zelle. I'm forwarding your information to the appropriate area for further handling. - Ben

So let me get this right.  You respond online in seconds but when you call about the problem you spend 30 minutes on hold.  USAA seems to have an Army to protection the bad reputation.  But a Soldier to help the customer.  I have called and left messages I am still waiting for the call back