I'm angry, I spent over 14 hours trying to get my kids and my wife accounts with USAA. It finally worked but after being lied to over 4 times in less than 2 hours (kinda like our President), scanning documents multiple times, uploading, sending on messenger to USAA, I finally have my wife connected to our kids account. 




I felt like I was trying to take a LOA...the details I had to do was rediculious. USAA really needs to get YOUTH SPECILISTS...Or I can tell my kids to drop their account, go local or go with the Navy Federal Reserve when they serve. 


Seriously, I live in Colorado, apparently at 14 you need a parent to sign but at 15 you don't...stupid. 


If you're opening a youth spending account just ask for a senior advisor, save yourself 14 hours. Good luck...I hope our kids enjoy saving, spending responsibly and their account but if they want to drop USAA I will have no issue with their choice. This really made me angry as a member and every call I wanted to leave feedback but never got a call. I hung up on the senior advisor once and the other three hang ups were on them, my bluetooth was fully charged and my phone was sitting on the coffee table untouched, they hung up on me three times. That sucks.