I have the youth spending account for my kiddo and I find it worthless. Every time we have tried using her card, it never works. I have called the USAA after each failed attempt to find out what the problem was. They always say there's nothing wrong with the card and that it should be usable. We use the youth spending account for our child to learn to manage her allowance, plus it's easy to pay our child for chores or special occasions. This youth account is terrible. What's the point of a youth spending account, if they can't utilize it? I like all the products and love using USAA, but I am completely dissatisfied with their youth options.


AF Mech,

I'm sorry to hear that this has been your experience. I know you have already spoken to a member services representative, but I would like the opportunity to pass this up to our contacts in banking to see if there is anything additional USAA can do to fix this. Could you email socialmedia@usaa.com or click here to this secure form and provide additional details about your issue/transactions so that we may look into it further? 

Thank you!