USAA youth banking is seriously flawed in this day and age of mobile apps and devices.


If both parents (i.e. two parents) are included on a youth banking account, the child cannot see their banking activity on a mobile device - the app will not function. 


Children under 13 are never allowed to use mobile depoist and certain other mobile payment features, but they are allowed to see their balance and activity if a parent grants them the right trough the parental settings.


Problem is, and here's where USAA really shines, if both parents attached to the account give their consent, a technical glitch prevents mobile access.  The only work around is to remove one parent from the account.  Then the removed parent will no longer be able to monitor the youuth account.


It seems like a company that prides themselves on their tech advances would not tolerate this, but it is a known problem.  Running lock step with the decline in USAA customer service over the past 5 years, USAA response was essentially "tough sh*t". 


Happy banking.


Wouldn't expect this to be a high priority item for them.  Sorry they can't meet your incredibly high expectations, why don't you go give BoA a try! ;) 

Dear glennw1,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the issue you are encountering with youth checking. I have passed this along to the banking team. Thank you for your membership and thanks again for posting. It gives us a chance to improve our services!

Reading these forums amaze me. I challenge you to find any bank out there that allows 3 people complete access via mobile device.