Every time I take a trip to my parents my cards all get frozen. Same trip 3 times a year. I get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no access to my money while toting 3 kids!!!!! You don't freeze the account when forgien activity in say the Middle East just between Colorado and Texas! Some security algorithm you guys got ripped off on!!! Really considering closing my accounts after a 25 year business relationship!!




I use to have this issue myself - there is really no way of knowing when it could happen, so it is always prudent (for more reasons than just this) to always have a backup funding method when traveling.


The biggest way to mitigate this issue is to set up to receive security and fraud alerts on your mobile phone.  If there is a questionable transaction, USAA will send you a text which you can respond to.  This will prevent the card from being disable if it is a false alarm.  You can set this up through the Security Center in your on-line account. 

Best advice is find a real bank not some hoky online joker like usaa

Dear James,

I am so sorry for the frustration this situation has caused you. We would like for you to send us am email here at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number, the details you provided above and the best way to contact you, so that we can get a bank specialist in touch to make sure this does not happen again. Thank you.

I still have the same thing happen and even after the bs reply from"bankers"like the typical response from usaa. Now a carry a REAL card from u s bank
I just call usaa before road trips and tell them I am going somewhere. They suspend the fraud freeze and then I tell them when I am done. Easy really...
I agree with Raven.B. Sometimes giving them a heads up is the best thing. Sucks that it's happened to you several times, but they are here to protect your $ as well. Better safe than sorry.

You need to look at this from a different point of view. It is impossible for any fraud detection system to be 100% accurate. There is always going to be some fraud that makes it through, just like there are going to be some valid charges that are falsely detected as fraudulent and blocked. It is very annoying when it happens, but it really is for the financial protection of both you and the bank. The best way to avoid a situation like this is to set up travel notifications before you leave home. You can either call USAA or set up the notifications yourself on the website. It only takes a minute and can help prevent this from happening in the future. 

It is ridiculous to be required to notify the bank whenever you may or may not be crossing state lines. I set a travel notification when we leave the country but the first time my card is frozen from Florida to Louisiana is when I find a new bank.