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Having been a member for over 40 years;  I've seen USAA at it best when it was managed by, and actually supported by, the military... Now it just another bank that outsources it's products and fleices clients of any profits with more levels of fees charged.... 

CASE IN POINT:  If you have several investment accounts with USAA; there is no way for you to track their collective appreciatiion (or depreciation)... AND if the account happens to be a IRA, 529 or UTMA most of the data line items are just N/A, just so you don't have any quick way of telling if your account is gaining or losing.  In essance: the "bankers" are NOT letting you know how well your accounts are doing OR how poorly they are doing with YOUR investment.... That ALL changed when the bankers took over, and the

Ex-military CEO's departed... They served with honor and did not hide their responsibilty, or farm most of that responsibility to financial mercinaries who richly take their cuts..

PLEASE tell me why??? Do all the military and retired mambers really deserve this???


I couldnt agree more.