YNAB? Mint? Everydollar? Budgeting app help needed

chocolate unicorn

I would like to get started with YNAB. I've been all over this community forum trying to figure out why I couldn't get my accounts linked and found tons of other prople with the same problem. USAA does not allow MY data to be linked to YNAB (or Mint, or Everydollar, or fill-in-the-blank-third-party-budgeting platform). They say it is due to security concerns but they seem to be the only bank that doesn't allow these connections.


Like a lot of people on here, I need help budgeting. And I really love the simplicity of the YNAB program. And the ability to link ALL my accounts and track ALL my spending. So clean and pretty. The USAA My Budget app does not work for me at all. Mainly because I can't split up transactions (Target, Walmart, CVS, etc), and also because it is so clunky and non-intuitive. And it never seems to actually 'save' after you make changes.


I found one response from a USAA rep from late 2018 that stated that USAA would be rolling out a Mint-like budgeting platform in 2019. Can anyone update the community on when/if this will happen?

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@ chocolate unicorn, we very much appreciate that your using budgeting tools to organize your finances. There has been no update to the previous communication. The other posts in regards to this topic will likely be updated with a response once an update or status is communicated. I thank you for your feedback. Budgeting tools are very personal and when you find one you like it creates a level of frustration when you can't use it. I get it! That is not what we wish for you to experience. I do hope we are able to accommodate you soon. Please check back as this community will have the most up to date replies.        ~ Suzy

Usaa, please reference this other post location or link


@batman23, the post referenced above is feedback provided by other members on this type of service. If you have any additional questions or concerns please let us know. - Janay