YNAB (Budgeting software) uses PLAID to connect. PLAID can't connect?

My YNAB (budgeting software) is not connecting. I've used them for years without many issues.  All the sudden I had delayed updates. so I disconnected and tried to reconnect my account. Now it says there are connectivity issues with this particular institution and won't allow me to reconnect. They use PLAID to connect to bank.  Can you confirm this is an issue that you are aware of and are working on?


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Hello @VMS08 and thank you for contacting us. We are happy to assist you with the concern you are experiencing with YNAB. Please contact our Website Support Team at 877-632-3003 for assistance. Please contact us 7 days a week 6 a.m. to midnight CT. Thank you. ~Sarah

I call that number. They said the "portal" looked good and they would forward it to IT department.   I suspect this isn't an account level issue. I think this is an issue with the connection point between either Plaid and USAA or  YNAB-Plaid-USAA.


When I select my bank from the list it gives me a warning that there is connectivity issues with USAA right now.  But if I select other banks from the drop down (prior to putting in credentials) there is no warning message.



USAA rep called back and stated they heard back from IT.. IT tells them  (to tell me) that USAA no longer supports Plaid and hasn't since July. This makes no sense to me because it has been working up until yesterday.  I am currently trying to reach out to the budgeting software folks and see if they can help me reestabilish connection.  If not, I may consider a new budgeting software, but I also am considering a new bank.   In this day and age, there is no reason a bank should struggle to allow connections for budgeting software.   If I move banks, I'll likely move insurance too.  I guess that nice size Subscribers Account check will be nice if I part ways.