Xmas Eve & Still No Dividend - and New USAA Holiday Classics

Twas the night before Christmas, and no USAA Member Dividend in your house...

-by USAA CEO Wayne Peacock


You’re dreaming of USAA Christmas Bonus, just like the ones you used to know...

– by the USAA Management Team


Have yourself a merry little, tiny, small no-USAA Dividend Christmas...

– by the USAA Board


Merry Christmas!

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This is really embarrassing or a company that I have been a member of for over 30 years. . If this happened in my company there would be open and constant communications.  Unfortunately for USAA  there has been ZERO communication on the subject to the members withiout my regular calling about updates.   Did they think no one will notice?  Obviously there is now a leadership problem with this company.  I thought i t was overseen by people that new how to understand And treat there members.  I would looking at making changes as this leads right to my opinion of the CEO and board who are at the helm naw.....

Appologies for the typing errors.  A late might.

I'm sorry to hear that you've not seen the dividend you were expecting. You'll want to get in touch with an agent who can look up your information. To do that, log onto usaa.com and go to our chat option or call 800-531-8722 and we'll be happy to get this resolved for you.

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Distribution history shows 12/12/21 deposit to checking. Email received yesterday from CEO confirming amount on 23 Dec. Deposit posted to USAA checking 24 Dec. Hope this helps.

Hi @ChrisDUSA, I do regret that to hear your frustrations with our delay. We've been experiencing longer than usual processing times. I kindly ask you call us 800-531-8722 or chat in at http://usaa.com and speak to our Insurance Professionals to review your specific account details. They will be able to confirm your how your distribution was sent out and when you should be receiving it. Due to the holiday they are not available today, however here are our normal business hours to reach us. Mon-Fri 6am-10 CST Sat 8am-8pm CST. ~Marie

Your suggestion is pointless because I have called several times and no one can help me. Checking has no idea how to find the deposit so they transfer you to the auto insurance branch. The auto insurance branch tells me my distribution was released on December 12 and they cannot tell me why it has not been deposited into my USAA checking. So after 5 phone calls to representatives, and during those calls being transferred and transferred and then transfer again the general consensus was this- “Please give it 1 to 2 more business days.” It is now December 27, 15 days after my distribution was released. I’m not calling anymore because I may lose my sanity. This is ridiculous. After 15 years, my dividend amounted to nine dollars. Last year it was almost 400. Done with USAA

My SSA distribution finally arrived yesterday.  It was originally shown be sent to my bank account on December 12th.  Multiple phone calls (as suggested by the moderators here) to USAA representatives were fruitless.  The representatives were clueless about what was going on, could not tell me when the distribution was made, etc.  It's very sad how USAA has treated its membership with this SSA distribution problem.  Why not inform members of what is going on and when it will be fixed, etc.?  The way USAA has handled this has only served to infuriate members instead of build trust.  I hope you receive your distribution soon - no need to call a rep as they can't help you based on my experience.

This issue is just an indication of what has been going on at USAA.

Competent management should have known about this issue and proactively communicated to their staff and to the members what was going on.

My conclusion is that USAA does not have competent management,  especially at the top.

I sure am glad I got all of my money out of USAA and my insurance is gone now too.