I would TOTALLY USE THIS OPTION!!! Forget all that change. You just cash it in and spend it on am impulse purchase because your so happy with the cash amount! LOL. I would love to have this feature with the overage going into a savings account! Please get it up and running as soon as possible! All that change gets heavy!

Any word on starting up this program? I use to be a BofA member and took part in this program. It not only made it easy to balance the checkbook but it was an awesome way to save as well. B of A even offered a match up to a certain % on anything contributed as well.  What do you say USAA?

I think this is a great idea and would benefit the members.  I would also, add that the member could then attach the savings/other account to the overdraft protection for their checking account.  However, I am sure in todays environment of USAA they will not consider this.  It is too much work with little to no profit for the big boys in San Antonio.

At this time we are not actively pursuing a round up feature, but we are always looking for opportunities to assist members in ensuring their financial security. We can certainly see that there is interest in such a feature and thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestions with us.

I would love this!! So far I have only seen it with Bank of America and have considered opening a checking/savings account through them just to get this. It would be a great way to sort of be "forced" to save money... Plus, I really like rounding off to even numbers :o) USAA... PLEASE look into this!!