Would anyone like to see a service like this?

I recently sent a message inquiring about an automatic transfer program for USAA to implement. The message is below:

"Is there any way to set up an automatic transfer when I use my debit card that will round the purchase price up to the next dollar (or any round dollar amount set by the account holder) and deposit that change into any of my savings or investment accounts?

Myself and other people from my unit would really like to see this service implemented if it is not already available. If there is any way to show someone that could make this a reality please let me know how I may contact them or provide evidence that this is a service that customers would like to see."


Here is an example:
1. Account holder makes purchase with debit card - $1.78

2. Debit card is billed $2.00

3. $1.78 is sent to the payee the remaining $0.22 is sent into the account holders choice of account.

**(optional: the ability to change the savings rate. "nearest dollar," "+$1," "+$2," etc.)



**A +1 modifier would simply add an entire dollar to the remainder transferred.


Would other customers want to see a program like this? Or am I the only one.


This would be a great option!
Yes great idea. Patent it quick!

Hi guys - thanks for the note. I will send it up the flag pole! (Tara)

Has this gotten anywhere? Me, my sister, husband, and father... all USAA members... are excited to hear the outcome!

Unfortunately, I think Bank of America has patented it already.  They've been doing their Keep the Change thing for years now.


I like it. Hopefully USAA will implement it.

I'd sign up for that.
I would also love to see this implemented at USAA I was looking into another bank just for this option. The Armed Forces Bank has this option as well.