Worst customer service rep I've ever experianced


I have just had the worst experience with a representative in Deposit Services I've ever experienced in my 13 years with USAA. I have attempted to file a grievance online, but there is no option to submit (convenient)... It's getting to the point where I'm looking for a new bank that actually wants my business and has employees that are able to be professional. 


I would love for a manager to reach out to me so I can provide the in-depth details I took while on the phone with this poor excuse for a USAA employee.



Dear @Zimm,


Wow, that is never what we want to hear. I am sorry you went through that experience. We strive to provide the best possible service and I regret you did not experience that. We definitely don't want to lose your membership. We will contact you soon. Thanks for reaching out. - Jesse