Worst Update EVER

The web app and phone apps are terrible. Since when is removing features a good idea? Did anyone actually test this with real users?


Removing scheduled transactions to a separate tab completely ruined the experience. Before I could scroll into the future and see my expected balance. Cash flow management was easy. Now, it is impossible.


I'll be shopping for a new bank if this isn't fixed. There is no longer any reason to stay with USAA.

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USAA Savings bank web site no longer provides a single page running track of projected balance for ANYONE'S checking account who has the effrontery to pay their bills via their USAA checking account. Scheduled transactions aren't even present on the main checking page anymore - USAA thinks it best if you click on a completely separate area where, even if you click on it, a bill paid by USAA's Bill Pay, and mailed out BUT not yet "cashed" by the recipient will not even automatically show up anymore. Seems that anyone wanting the silly capability to include uncleared checks in their projections of available balance will now just have to do it themselves MANUALLY by using their sparkling new fantastic "Reminder". Awww well, so what if you forget to manually enter a check that was sent out by USAA on your behalf to make that $3500.00 payment to the plumber. Bouncing a check is just no big deal.......

We regret hearing that you don't like the recent changes to our site and mobile app. However, we appreciate your sharing your feedback, We rely on member comments to help us provide the best products and services to our members. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - JM

@ALGOL, I'm sorry to hear of the disappointment the changes to the app have caused you. Your feedback is valuable to USAA to better understand how we can continue to improve our members' experience. I will ensure  your feedback is shared with the appropriate team for further review. Thank you. - Robyn